Sunday, July 6, 2008


Marilyn sleeping in her basket amid the item left to unpack

Well, I'm officially in Richmond. There were a few lows, but mostly highs in the moving process. Here are the highlights.

The Lows -
  • The furniture company I ordered my bed and couch from conveniently botched the order. They only deliver to Richmond once a month. They were very polite and responsive when I talked to them, but in the end, delivering in August was all they could offer. Call me crazy, but I can't wait a month to sleep on a bed or have a couch.

  • My front door key to the apartment doesn't work - This won't be a problem long.

  • Buying new furniture soaked up 5 hours of time with my family on the 4th of July.

The Highs -

  • My sisters came with me on Thursday to take the first load. They tolerated waking up at 5am and shuffling boxes up two flights of stairs with unusual cheer for teenagers. We had a great time painting, hanging out, checking out the cafe and market down the street and then seeing the Virginia Holocaust Museum the next morning (complete with a run in with a VERY kind elderly female Holocaust survivor who insisted we stay to have burgers and watermelon with them - what a great memory).

  • Thinking as I was falling asleep on the floor with my two sisters also on the floor how lucky I am to have sisters who would do this - and grateful again for having them in my life.

  • Time with the whole family when Mom and Dad brought the last load on Friday. It was hot and humid and we got through it with speed. Gotta love teamwork! Although driving to 6 different furniture stores wasn't my idea of a great 4th, I had Mom and sisters to know my taste and help scout the stores.

  • Believing that all my stuff actually will fit in the new space.


Melonius said...

Thanks for reminding me of the fun I have in store next month {and probably beyond...}

kaytei3 said...

I love me sister bear! =]