Sunday, September 7, 2008

Brick Breaker - Correct me if I'm wrong

So, since having getting a blackberry about a year ago, I've been sporadically compelled to keep highering my brickbreaker score. I've never submitted my "high score" to whatever entity keeps that data, but enjoy a good game every now and then (particularly when I can tell my life count is high enough to push past some of the more tricky levels). I will also concede that, in knowing the game like I do, if I'm not happy with my score by any particular level, I will end the game, knowing it's not going to bear fruit.

This weekend, I decided to try to submit my score - just out of curiousity - to see how I'm measuring up against the addictive crackberry faithful. I could be reading this wrong, but it apprears to me that only 3 other people have posted attaining levels higher than me. My top score is 17,000 on level 29. Others scores are much higher (because they submit each?), but only 3 others have a level 29 or higher listed.

I wish I could find a link to the official score keeper. Anyone have insights before my pride gets the best of me?

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