Sunday, June 8, 2008

Breaking up is Hard to Do

(Photos in this post from Jane @ Conservativa - Good, isn't she?)

For the first time, I've experienced how strangely my emotions coming off of working for the Romney campaign have been mirror images of tough breakups. Initially, I went through the "I'll never feel the same about another candidate" and "Maybe there is something more we could have done" feelings.

This last Thursday Mitt came to VA and I got to see him. This is the first time I've seen him in person since Minnesota just prior to Feb. 5. I was suprised at how fast the next breakup similarity hit me upon sighting him. This time, it was as if the months of getting "over it" were gone in an instant and just seeing him again brought all the pain back. It was bittersweet.

Hearing him speak again and shaking his hand again, I got choked up. I can't wait for 2012.

These photos also showcase my new boss. These are two great men I feel priviledged to labor for - to get to the positions we need them in.

Here's to Bill and Mitt!

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