Monday, October 12, 2009

It's the Little Things

22 days to the election. This means running even more full throttle than before. There are definite moments of wanting to scream, burn a select few in effigy and wishing there were a place to hide until Nov. 4 is upon us. But, there are also the small, seemingly insignificant, cues that I can carry on. I can see this through. They give me a smile and the energy to go another day.

1. Marilyn & Teddy - At the risk of sounding like a crazy cat lady, they have been wonderful lately during my terrible bronchitis and long hours. I snapped this one yesterday morning... I mean... you have to admit, they're cute!

2. Fall, Changing of Leaves and Nature. I pulled over to snap this one on I-64 between Charlottesville and Waynesboro on Saturday night. It was just what I needed to take a deep breath and a 5 minute break to watch the colors fade to navy.


em said...

SUCH a beautiful sunset picture! I love that you pulled over to capture it. I find that these types of moments are the best to help us take a breath and step back for a bit when we are completely stressed. I'm trying to find that moment for myself. :)

Angela said...

It *is* about the moments and little things in life. So true, thanks for the reminder.

I was on a walk last night enjoying the spring air here and stopped to smell the flowers. It totally sounds cheesy, but there is something about slowing down and looking at/smelling nature. The little things, right? :)

M said...

YOU CAN DO IT!!! You're almost done! The light is visible and soon you will be bursting out of the tunnel into the delicious sunlight of freedom!

Becca said...