Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Friends w/ Skillz

Aren't these great?

These bracelets were made by my freshman roommate and dear friend's little sister (who somehow became allowed to grow up, get married and have a baby - geesh).

When I first met Britta, she was the cutest 12 year old ever who baked amazing bread and came to visit us at college. She has not gotten any less cute or talented as she's matured into a wonderful missionary, student, wife and mother.

If you're impressed with Britta's mad skillz - check out her store here. Get them cheap while you still can. I'm pretty sure her creations will be hot commodities. :-)

You can also follow her fun craft blog here.


David & Vanessa said...

whoa! those are really cute!

Mama Corleone said...

You are so sweet! She is enjoying making these so much! Thanks for your support.

britta said...

Melissa, I didn't even realize you HAD a blog because when I'd click on your name from comments it wouldn't show up! Mama Corleone finally filled me in... :) Thank you SOOOOO much for all your kind words! I'm blushing! :) Seriously, Mama and I were just talking about you today, and how you are THE sweetest, most wonderful person in the world, and about all the times you saved her day, and how now, you're saving mine too! Thank you !