Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I am equally guilty, but I've noticed a sharp decline in blogging of my friends. I miss what you have to say.

I spend far more time on Facebook than I do on my blog (obvious to you, no doubt). But, I got to thinking about what a tragedy it is if we trade our complete thoughts and happenings for 160 character blurbs. Sure, it's nice to be connected to more of the long lost from our lives. It fills a different need in me, though. I still need to think. And, some of you out there are brilliant bloggers who make me think.

Thank you.

Please don't quit.


Angela said...

You make such a great point! Facebook cuts down on so much depth. I hope you keep blogging too. I love your insight and humor:)

M said...

Likewise! I miss your blog updates, especially since I'm not on FB.

I have been blogging regularly, but not on Lingua Franca, on my exercise blog,